Digital Pet Tag Lite

by MYNE.
Type: Pet ID Tags


Store as much information as you like to our small microchipped tags. You can share multiple phone number, addresses and offer rewards in the case you lose your pet.

Digital pet tag on dog application lost smart tag

MYNE's digital pet tags are compatible with all smartphones**, making it easy for finders to notify you that your pet is lost.

Our tags store the pet owner's information electronically, so it can be updated anytime. 

All our products allow you to offer rewards, incentivising the safe return of your personal belongings.

Tags are NFC enabled, meaning:

  • No batteries
  • No charging
  • No hassle 

Are you like Airtags and Tile?

No, MYNE is approaching the lost and found issue from a different perspective. Finders have to interact with our NFC microchipped products in order to see the information you with to share.

MYNE's advantages over Bluetooth trackers:

  • Cheaper
  • No batteries so they will always work.
  • Anyone can interact with MYNE tags, no app needed.
  • Finder can anonymously contact owner

They are also:

Fully waterproof: All electronics are embedded within the products so these MYNE tags are fully waterproof. Secure: Safe read distance of 0-5cm. Someone can't access your information just by standing close to you.

Dimensions: 28mm diameter 45mm height(with ring)

Thickness: 4.5mm

**Compatibility: Most smartphones released after 2017 are fully compatible with all MYNE products, but please check out our Blog post for more information.


You have full control over how much information you share.

Medical information
allergies, multiple contact details, addresses – it's completely up to you. And of course,