Premium Bundle

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by MYNE.

If you can't decide which tags you need, then this bundle package is for you.

Receive two key rings and three smart-stickers, so you can protect five of your most precious items. If you also want to receive a pet tag, please select the ultimate bundle.

Our microchipped products allows you to connect and protect a wide variety of your personal items. Attach MYNE tags to your personal belongings to link them to the digital world. If your item is ever lost, the finder can contact you safely and securely by just tapping their phone on the item. Visit for more info

Fully Waterproof: All electronics are embedded within the products so these MYNE tags are fully waterproof. There are extra strong sticker options for more extreme applications, so please make sure to select that option if needed.

Secure: Safe read distance of 0-3cm

Colours: Pink, Blue and Green

Compatibility: Most smartphones released after 2017 are fully compatible with all MYNE products, but please check out our FAQ for more information.


You have full control over how much information you share.

Medical information
allergies, multiple contact details, addresses – it's completely up to you. And of course,